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Reset Challenge

On January 6th, 2013, USANA Health Sciences launched a $200,000* weight loss challenge, "RESET Transformation Destination!"

It encompassed 4 countries, over 3,000 contestants and lasted for 90 days. WE WON the 'Partner' category! What a company. Thank You, USANA!

Part of our story is told in this video . . .

If you want to know the rest of our story and more details, just ask.

  • USANA actually paid out over $300,000 when it was all said and done.

28 Days to Health & Beauty

The "Ins & Outs" of RESET!

Most people know USANA as a nutritional supplement company, but we’re really about all aspects of health and wellness. That’s why we created the RESET™ weight-management program.

Listen to USANA Executive Director of Health and Science Education, Brian Dixon, explain exactly how the program works.

Why USANA's RESET Weight Management Program?

USANA explains RESET, their Award Winning Weight Management System.

Get Set to RESET: USANA's Weight Management Program

Why USANA's RESET Weight Management Program?

Proper nutrition can help you look and feel great.

Learn how easy and convenient RESET can be and how to position yourself for continued success in meeting your goals.

Let us, Amy and Robert, help you find the NEW You!

Science of Nutrition: The Phases of RESET

The 3 phases of the RESET Weight Management Program explained:

1: Jump Start
2: Transform
3: Maintain

Science of Nutrition: The Internal Effect of Your Lunch

Does your eating affect your blood? See the proof, ‘YOU are what YOU eat!’

Blood was drawn after two different lunches, see the AMAZING results!

USANA Foods: Eat Healthy On The Go

Is it hard to eat healthy while on the go?

NO PROBLEM — USANA's snacks, shakes, and bars make eating nutritious, and, well, let's be honest . . . just down right delicious!

You shouldn't have to sacrifice taste for good health.

G.I.C. [Glycemic Index Cops]

A parody of the TV show 'COPS!' Good people making bad choices!

The Dennis Smith Story

coached by Amy & Robert Moore

Dennis Smith was one of the 33 Grand Prize Winners that won an all-expense paid trip to Sanoviv in May of 2013. Dennis finished 2nd in the total weight lost category of USANA's RESET Weight Loss Challenge. Dennis lost 82 lbs. in 12 weeks. WOW!

Listen to his interview while on the trip that he won [actually earned] courtesy of USANA Health Sciences and the RESET Weight Loss Challenge.

To find the NEW YOU, contact Amy & Robert at:

Nutrition Smart Foods Detox and Digestion

Preferred Customer Catalog

Preferred Customer Catalog