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How to Pay Less Taxes and
Never Worry About an IRS Audit

Did you know that the quickest way to accumulate wealth is lower your taxes to the legal limit? It's true! If you could simply keep more of the money you earn it makes s huge difference. If you don't plug those holes then you are constantly filling a leaky bucket!

Join us for this webinar where you will learn why tax planning is so important. We will also teach you 5 strategies that you can implement right away that will put $1,000's back in your pocket this year.

Topics include:

  • How to deduct your meals and entertainment
  • Why hiring your kids or your spouse could save you big money
  • How to legally deduct your home office and why you would be crazy not to
  • How to get the equivalent of free gas for your vehicle
  • How to easily track your mileage and other expenses to stay tax compliant

Who is the Presenter?

Mr. Sandy Botkin is a former IRS trainer, CPA, and tax attorney. He is the best-selling author of the book "Lower Your Taxes Big Time," and president of the Tax Reduction Institute.

Attendees at Sandy's full day seminar save an average of $11,000 on their taxes the following year. We have taken some of the best content from that program and condensed it into a 1 hour webinar. You won't want to miss this event.

PS. We will be giving away an Apple Watch. If you register for the webinar and then attend the full program you will be entered into a drawing for an Apple Watch. GO NOW TO THE WEBINAR

Tax Tip #1: Turn Your Car into an ATM Machine!

Do you use your car for business? Do you call on customers or drive to appointments? Well let me show you how with just a little bit of planning you can get your gas for free, courtesy of the IRS. In the US, there are two ways the IRS allows you to deduct your vehicle. The easier and more conservative one is called the IRS method. The other method is called the actual method. What are they?

Tax Tip #2: Meals That Make You Money

Sharing a meal with a prospect or a client can be a great way to grow your business. For centuries people have used this technique. But did you know that many of your meals could be tax-deductible?

Let me ask you a serious question. Who is a potential prospect for your business? Who can give you referrals? The answer is everyone! So if you follow the rules we will show you, you will be able to deduct many of the meals you eat out.

Tax Tip #3: Double Your Fun With Entertainment Deductions

What do you do for fun? Do you go to movies, sporting events, plays, or golf? Well the only thing better than doing something you love is writing it off! That way you get your fun and you save money!

The IRS allows you to write off entertainment if you are using it to grow your business and if you follow the rules. So, just what are the rules . . . ?

Tax Tip #4: Home Office A Tax Deduction Goldmine

Put your hard earned money back in YOUR pocket. One of the least understood tax deductions that many small business owners qualify for is the home office deduction. If you qualify, the home office is a catalyst that can bring you deductions on many things that you never thought possible.

Tax Tip #5: Sample Your Way to Success

The world’s oldest marketing method still works. Since the dawn of time one of the best marketing tactics has been the free sample. Can’t you just imagine the caveman giving a sample of his latest kill in hopes to find someone willing to exchange it for wheat?

In many cases sampling is one of the least expensive ways of acquiring new customers.

Tax Tip #6: Give Gifts at Discount Prices

As the holidays approach, many businesses give gift baskets and other trinkets away to clients and prospects to say thank you or to help drum up more business. What can you give away in your business?

The $25 Limit: As a business you can deduct 100% of gifts given to business associates. The catch is that it caps out at $25 per person each year. So if you give John, a new client, a Christmas gift that cost you $100 then you can only deduct $25. That is a very low limit. Two Ways Around the Limit are . . .

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the amazing tax breaks available for small business owners including:

  • FREE GAS How to drive your business vehicle virtually free.
  • How to turn MEALS INTO MONEY for your business.
  • How to properly qualify your HOME OFFICE as a tax deduction gold mine.
  • How to deduct your HEALTH CARE EXPENSES and save thousands.
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